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USCIS Final Fee Rule

by Ally Bolour | Oct 6, 2020

On August 3, 2020, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a final rule outlining changes in fees for certain immigration and naturalization benefit requests which was scheduled to take effect October 2, 2020 (final fee rule).

The final fee rule is expected to impact immigrants and nonimmigrants in several ways. Although the rule reduces filing fees for a select number of applications; it increases fees overall by a weighted average of 20% and includes dramatic increases for most common petitions and applications because previously bundled applications have now been separated.


The 2020 fee changes are the latest in a series of actions taken by the Trump administration to restrict legal immigration. The final fee rule will make the U.S. immigration process significantly less affordable for the majority of foreign nationals.

The final rule:

Limits fee exemptions to only specified groups. Increases premium processing time limits. Adds new fees for certain immigration benefit requests including asylum. Separates fees and creates new forms for each category of nonimmigrant worker. Limits the number of beneficiaries that can be included in certain petitions. Unbundles some applications, dramatically increasing fees for adjustment of status applications. Incorporates the cost of biometrics into most fees, rather than requiring a separate fee.


Make sure you check with your attorney if you have questions or want to:

Request a fee waiver

Sponsor a relative for permanent residency File an application for asylum

Become a U.S. citizen

Apply for employment authorization or travel permission based on a green card application or renewals of employment authorization or travel permission

Are seeking a provisional waiver for unlawful presence


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