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The world is not a gay-friendly place. Many arrivals to the United States know they will not be welcome if they return to their countries of birth, not because of their own actions or statements, but simply because of who they are and because of the deep-seated hostility to their existence. We can identify with the persecution you have faced, and we can help you obtain asylum in the US efficiently.

For numerous LGBTQ individuals arriving in the US, applying for asylum must be done properly and completely with an immigration lawyer. Upon approval of an asylum case and, after waiting one year, permanent residency and US citizenship may be on the horizon.

At the Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, we help LGBTQ asylum-seekers who have:

  • Been harmed or reasonably fear harm or death
  • Received minimal protection or an unwillingness to offer protection from a government that cannot or will not take appropriate measures to ensure their safety

These conditions must be met to receive asylum in the US. Please call our office in Los Angeles to discuss your qualifications and the asylum process as it applies to your unique case at 323-857-0034.

Protection From Political Oppression And Victimization

Asylum-seekers come to the US for protection. One must apply for asylum within a year of entering the US If you pass that deadline and are at risk of deportation, you may apply for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal with Form I-589. We can also help you apply for permission to work in the US with Form I-765 when you are eligible.

While this option may halt deportation proceedings, it does not provide a pathway to citizenship. However, one year after being granted asylum in the US, you may apply for Permanent Residence (Green Card) with form I-485.

Additionally, you might qualify for other types of immigration relief if you have been a victim of human trafficking or other types of violence, including rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, hate crime or other violent crimes.

Tremendous Opportunities For Anyone Facing Persecution In His Or Her Home Country

To discuss the asylum process in the US, please contact our office in Los Angeles, California, for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Call 323-857-0034, or write to our experienced attorneys using this form.

We also speak Spanish and Persian.

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