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Daph Recommends Ally Bolour

Our first encounter with Ally was back in 2014 when we were thinking about immigrated to the United States. We recalled vividly how calm and confident Ally was during our first phone call, with our broken English, he quickly laid out the plans and things we should prepare for our first visit to his office.
From there we had the best five years experience with Ally/Scott team,. They were there every step of the way, and even quickly answered our phone calls or emails when we over heard something from friends or saw news on TV..
Because of Ally/Scott are so knowledgeable and experiences, we went through all of the processes without any surprises. They made sure we understood the procedures and always there when we needed them.
Ally and Scott, you both are truly amazing super lawyers. These words cannot express enough for our gratitude. Thank you thank you and more thank you!!!
If you are looking for an amazing immigration lawyer, Ally Bolour is your best choice.

– Daph

Beata Recommends Ally Bolour

Ally is an exceptional immigration attorney! Incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and kind. I would recommend him to anyone seeking help with any immigration matter, he it employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, asylum, or litigation. Stop looking and call him.

– Beata

Hadi Recommends Ally Bolour

I just became a citizen and got out of my Naturalization Ceremony and thought that it would be a good time to share my experience with you.

Ally represented me in 2013 and he went above and beyond for me. He is very professional and caring. Even though I was having a rough time he reassured me and was always there answering every questions I had.

Now after everything I went though, I finished my immigration journey thanks to Ally and his staff.

Best wishes to all of you.

– Hadi

A Miracle

Our family had a great chance working with Bolour immigration group when we completely lost our hope. When my brother who stayed in US diagnosed with intensive cancer we could do nothing, unless wishing to support him during his hardship. Unfortunately my parents visa rejected because of the executive order 13769, which ban 7 countries’ include Iran from traveling to US. The process of administrative process started while my brother was alone dealing with forth stage of chemotherapy and having four surgery in future. Mr. Bolour started with waiver package for my mom. According to him she has more chance to get visa when only one of parents apply for waiver. He clearly explained the alternative solutions and let us to decide. The process was very fast, every two days we get an email explaining new activities that Bolour group done. We were very surprise that Bolour could get visa for both of my parents in less than 2 weeks. It was a miracle when my parents could be in US for my brother’s second surgery. Thanks for being that much responsible.

– Farnaz Towhidi

Accommodated My Needs

Ally Bolour is an excellent immigration attorney but He is first and foremost a great human being. I am grateful I met him and got to know him a little bit. He counseled me on a very difficult immigration matter and when I could not afford to pay his dues He accommodated my needs with a pay plan that was very convenient for me.

I have a Green Card now and last week my Citizenship application was approved.

I am waiting for a date to be sworn as a new Citizen and I am looking forward to vote in the coming Presidential elections. Last piece of information, Ally accompanied me to all the interviews. That gave me an incredible piece of mind and He will do the same for you.

– Luis Navarrete

Eduardo Recommends Alexander Carl

We had a great experience with attorney Alexander Carl. Our overall process went very smooth and quick. He made sure we had all our documents together and took the time to sit down with us to review everything. Thank you for your support and dedication to our case! A huge blessing!

– Eduardo

Alfredo Recommends Alexander Carl

Hello, I am from Mexico City and we hired Bolour Immigration Group. I applied for the E2 – Investor Treaty Visa. Since the beginning, Ali and Alex assisted us through all the process. They gave us all the information since the first appointment and were very honest with us. And they made for us all the documentation necessary to present the case. They were kind, present and available the whole process to the end. Thankfully the result was successful for us and we got the Visas. We are running our business in LA and we are very thankful to Ali and his team of experts. We highly recommend them.

Alfredo Santillán
CEO – Chokolatta Inc.

– Alfredo

Aldo Recommends Alexander Carl

I engaged Bolour / Carl attorneys for my E2 Visa, Carl and Ally were very professional and on top the application process, great work to follow up after the interview.

They did a great job.

– Aldo

Giulia Recommends Alexander Carl

This a great immigration law firm with two respectable and attentive attorneys. The caliber of their work is high in quality and affordable for such impressive lawyers.

Since first appointment the attorney was able to offer me the solution that fit my case and guide me through the process, and they have been always responsive and present til the end.

They deserve my accolades and I would recommend their service to anybody that needs help with Visas.

– Giulia

Very Professional

Thank you to Attorneys Ally Bolour and Alexander Carl for all the help to bring into our lives the tranquility we always wanted!

Associate Attorney Alexander Carl handled our case very professionally. He was always there for us, guiding us through the whole process very patiently, up to the final interview. He made sure we prepare with all the right documents, avoiding a lot of unnecessary expenses. Because of Alexander great service and handling of all our documents things went smooth and my spouse received his green card four days after the interview!

Very Professional. We highly recommend Bolour Immigration Group!

– Rodrigo Q Echavarria

Client Review

"Professionalism, friendly, respectful, helpful and always answering any questions I had. The long journey has brought me a mix of emotions but the team of Bolour Immigration Group and particularly Scott and Ally have proven to be the right choice to help me get through."
Client Review

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