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For immigrants looking for a place to call home in this country, a Los Angeles, CA asylum lawyer can be of support along your journey. The United States represents a place of opportunity and freedom. Maybe you are seeking protection from discrimination and abuse due to your gender, ethnic origins, or sexual orientation. Perhaps you are yearning for shelter from imprisonment, retaliation, or physical harm because of your religion or personal characteristics. Or you may be in need of refuge from the real threat of death due to your political stance or membership in a specific organization. At Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, we know that the stakes are high. If your search for asylum does not work, you may be forced to return home to a country that may inflict great harm. If you need assistance with an asylum case, please reach out to us as soon as you can. We are here to help.

Countries Seeking Asylum

All around the globe people are seeking asylum from terror and threats within their countries, such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, China, El Salvador, India, Mexico and more. Everyone deserves to live in a place that makes them feel safe. So many people live in constant fear for their lives and those of their family members. They may need to escape their home and try to start a new life in another country. The need for refugee and asylum protection has increased over the years and the requirement for winning a case have become more strict. Due to how many people are in need of asylum in the United States, they have also become victims of stereotypes and discrimination. Our team is well aware of what asylum seekers are up against and is prepared to come to your aid immediately.

Asylum Case Interview

Many clients ask us what they can do to prepare for their asylum case interview. If you are not fluent in English, you must bring an interpreter with you. Additionally, you may be required to have your children or other dependents related to your case come with you if they are younger than 21 years of age. You do have the right to be represented by your Los Angeles asylum lawyer during this interview. It is recommended that your lawyer be present to ensure that your interview proceeds as it should and goes smoothly. In regards to paperwork, have your identification (passport or legally valid travel documentation), birth certificate, marriage certificate (if married), copies of Form I-589, and other paperwork filed with USCIS.

Asylum Cases

The role of an asylum lawyer in Los Angeles, CA, is crucial in helping individuals navigate complex immigration proceedings and seek protection in the United States based on their well-founded fears of persecution in their home countries. Several landmark cases have shaped the landscape of asylum law in the U.S., ensuring that those fleeing persecution have a fair chance to present their claims. This article explores three significant cases – Mendez v. Barr, Espinoza-Martinez v. Barr, and Flores v. Garland – that have had a profound impact on asylum law in the United States.

Mendez v. Barr:

In Mendez v. Barr, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals made a groundbreaking decision, ruling that individuals who faced persecution based on their family membership could qualify for asylum protection. The case centered around a Honduran family that fled their home country due to threats from gangs targeting their teenage son. The court recognized the “particular social group” of families facing persecution by criminal organizations, expanding the scope of asylum eligibility. As a result, asylum lawyers in Los Angeles, CA, can now argue that their clients belong to a particular social group based on familial ties, providing a crucial avenue for those seeking protection.

Espinoza-Martinez v. Barr:

Espinoza-Martinez v. Barr is another significant case that focused on asylum claims based on gender and domestic violence. The case involved a Salvadoran woman who endured severe physical abuse by her partner, only to find a lack of protection from authorities in her home country. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in her favor, recognizing that gender could be a basis for asylum if it led to persecution. This landmark decision paved the way for countless asylum seekers, especially women, to seek protection in the U.S. from gender-based violence and abuse. Los Angeles, CA asylum lawyers can now advocate for victims of domestic violence, arguing that their experiences constitute persecution worthy of asylum.

Flores v. Garland:

Flores v. Garland is a significant case that addressed the detention and treatment of immigrant children in U.S. custody. The case raised concerns about the detention conditions of minors who arrived at the border without their parents. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the government must release children from detention without unnecessary delay to parents, relatives, or other guardians, provided that they pose no safety risks. This decision ensures that the rights of immigrant children are protected and that they are treated with dignity and respect while in custody. Los Angeles, CA asylum lawyers can rely on this case to advocate for the fair treatment and humane conditions of children seeking asylum in the United States.

These three cases – Mendez v. Barr, Espinoza-Martinez v. Barr, and Flores v. Garland – represent crucial developments in asylum law. They have expanded the scope of eligibility for asylum, recognized new grounds for persecution, and safeguarded the rights of vulnerable individuals, including families, women facing domestic violence, and immigrant children. Asylum lawyers in Los Angeles, CA, can draw on these cases to construct compelling arguments and advocate for the rights and protection of their clients seeking asylum in the United States.

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Our team at Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC can review your case, offer advice, and help you prepare for your asylum interview. We can empathize with the struggle you may be encountering, especially considering how hard it has become to obtain the legal right to be here as a non-citizen in America. If you are in need of seeking asylum in the United States, then contact a Los Angeles asylum lawyer as soon as you can.