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Deportation Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

If you have been given a notice to appear for deportation, then we urge you to contact a Los Angeles, CA deportation lawyer immediately. Realizing that you or a family member has been issued deportation can cause debilitating anxiety and fear for the future. At Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, APC, our team has a record of preparing removal defense cases successfully and is ready to come to your aid. We are aware of the most effective strategies to use in an effort to fight deportation. Once we learn about your individual situation, we can then offer guidance on what to do next and which defense strategies can be impactful. If this is true for you or a loved one at this very moment, please don’t hesitate to call. We can schedule you a consultation at your next convenience and get all your questions answered.

Immigration Laws

The main law that oversees immigration policy is the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Through this law, the United States can permit immigration visas to those who qualify. After an immigrant obtains a visa and enters the country, they are deemed lawful permanent residents. If something happens with your visa and you are at risk of deportation, taking action quickly can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. You may be allowed to appeal the decision. We suggest speaking with a legal professional who understands the complex nuances of immigration law. They can give you reliable advice that is applicable to your unique situation.

Violations and Deportation

Immigrant violations, along with convictions on a criminal level, can result in being prohibited from naturalization, ineligible for removal relief, and thus deported. Exclusion and deportation proceedings are referred to as “removal” processes, in which the individual meets the criteria for deportation. For the best odds of having your deportation dismissed, recruit help from a legal team as soon as possible. As your Los Angeles deportation lawyer can review with you, the five deportation categories include:

  1. Violators of status who breach the terms of their work or admission without permission.
  2. Entering the United States without proper authority.
  3. Individuals who are members of a prohibited organization.
  4. Individuals who have a range of criminal convictions.
  5. Individuals whose applications for asylum were denied or referred to an immigration judge.

Connect with a Lawyer Today

If you have been given an adverse immigration decision or deportation notice from a government office or entity, we recommend speaking with a Los Angeles deportation lawyer today. There is no time to wait when the status of your immigration and future is at risk. We know what is at stake and want to find out how we can best assist you. You may have already begun a home in this country but are now vulnerable to deportation. The team at Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, APC knows this is probably a scary predicament for you and will do everything within our legal power to keep you here. If you are ready for support, we are just a phone call away.