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The Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC stands at the forefront of immigration legal services in Los Angeles, offering unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence. Our seasoned attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of immigration policies, regulations, and practices. With a client-centric approach, we meticulously address each case’s nuances, ensuring that every client receives personalized, strategic counsel. Whether it’s employment-based immigration, family reunification, or defense against deportation, the Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC is dedicated to providing robust legal representation, upholding the rights and interests of those seeking to call Los Angeles home.

At Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, we understand the intricacies of U.S. immigration law and the profound impact it can have on individuals and families. Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your rights are protected and your immigration goals are achieved.

Our Areas of Expertise in Immigration Law

At Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of U.S. immigration laws and our unwavering commitment to our clients. Our seasoned team of attorneys specializes in a wide range of immigration areas, ensuring that we can provide expert guidance no matter your immigration needs. Here are our primary areas of practice:

  • Family-Based Immigration: Assisting U.S. citizens and permanent residents in petitioning for family members to join them in the U.S., including spouses, children, parents, and siblings.
  • Employment-Based Immigration: Guiding professionals, workers, investors, and entrepreneurs through the process of obtaining visas, Green Cards, and other immigration benefits based on employment or investment.
  • Deportation and Removal Defense: Representing individuals in removal proceedings, offering defense strategies, and seeking relief from deportation.
  • Asylum and Refugee Applications: Assisting those fleeing persecution in their home countries in seeking protection in the U.S. through asylum or refugee status.
  • Naturalization and Citizenship: Guiding eligible Green Card holders through the process of becoming U.S. citizens.
  • Visa Applications and Renewals: Helping clients navigate the complex visa application process, whether for tourism, business, study, or other purposes.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Assisting eligible individuals in applying for or renewing their DACA status.
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS): Representing individuals from designated countries affected by armed conflict, natural disasters, or other extraordinary conditions in obtaining or maintaining TPS.
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility: Helping clients who face barriers to entering or remaining in the U.S. due to past immigration violations, criminal offenses, or other reasons.
  • Immigration Appeals: Representing clients in appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and federal courts.
  • U and T Visas: Assisting victims of crimes and human trafficking in obtaining immigration relief through U and T visas.
  • Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery: Guiding clients through the DV lottery application process and subsequent steps if selected.

Immigration Interview

There are certain events in our lives when we have to do our best to be prepared, and as a Los Angeles, CA immigration lawyer explains, this also applies to your immigration interview. It is better to know what to expect beforehand so that you can arrive feeling confident. Interviews with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services don’t have to be a scary experience, but they must be taken seriously. With some effort and understanding about what to do (and what not to do), you are more likely to have a successful immigration interview. If you have questions about immigration, please contact our team at Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, APC for personalized assistance.

Be On Time

If you are late to your interview, the immigration officer can deny your case before you have even had a chance to show your qualifications, and they are allowed to do this by law. Plan to arrive with some extra time just in case you encounter traffic or something else unexpected. It’s better to be early than late. If you have to travel far on the day of your interview, consider getting there the night before and staying at a hotel if you can. Or get there a few hours early and read until your appointment slot.

Dress Appropriately

If you aren’t sure what to wear to your interview, think about what you would wear to a job interview. Business casual attire is appropriate and will show everyone that you take the process seriously. Avoid short shorts or flip-flops. Closed-toed shoes that are clean and presentable are ideal. When in doubt, dress conservatively. As a Los Angeles immigration lawyer suggests, the initial impression you make can have an impact on the outcome of your immigration interview.

Be Yourself

Being honest and yourself is the best approach when an immigration interview is being conducted. If you get asked a question you do not know how to answer, don’t make up your best guess. It’s better to say that you aren’t sure than to give an answer that isn’t truthful for you. Don’t attempt to just say what you think the immigration officer is going to be happy to hear either, as providing falsehoods or faking it could end up working against your case.

Immigration Infographic

Immigration Interview Infographic

Understanding Immigration Law

Immigration law, at its core, governs the legal framework surrounding individuals’ entry, stay, and exit from a country. In the United States, immigration law is a complex set of rules, regulations, and policies that determine who can enter the country, under what conditions they can remain, and for how long. It encompasses a wide range of issues, from temporary visas for tourism or business to permanent residency and citizenship.

The U.S. immigration system categorizes individuals based on various factors, including the purpose of their visit (e.g., work, study, or leisure), their familial relationships with U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and their potential contributions to American society and economy. Additionally, immigration law addresses matters of humanitarian concern, offering protection for refugees fleeing persecution, victims of human trafficking or certain crimes, and individuals from countries experiencing conflict or natural disasters.

Enforcement of immigration laws is another critical aspect, ensuring that individuals comply with the terms of their visas or other immigration statuses. This includes addressing situations where individuals might be in the country without authorization or have violated the conditions of their stay.

Given its intricacies and the profound impact it can have on individuals and families, navigating U.S. immigration law requires expert guidance. At Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of this legal domain. Our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to guiding clients through the immigration process, ensuring they understand their rights, options, and the potential pathways available to them.

Los Angeles Immigration Law Statistics

According to statistics from the Migration Policy Institute, the U.S. states with the most immigrants in 2021 were California (10.5 million), Texas (5.1 million), Florida (4.6 million), New York (4.4 million), and New Jersey (2.1 million).

Other states that have seen a sharp increase in immigrant growth are Washington, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Delaware, South Dakota, Idaho, and Kentucky.

Immigration Law FAQs

At the Law Offices of Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, the Los Angeles, CA Immigration Lawyers believe in providing clear and concise answers to your most pressing concerns. Here are some common questions our clients frequently ask:

Why Do I Need An Immigration Lawyer For My Case?

Immigration law is notoriously intricate, with its frequent changes in rules and regulations. A qualified Los Angeles immigration lawyer provides invaluable guidance through the maze of paperwork, procedures, and legal nuances that are part of the immigration process. Whether you’re facing deportation, seeking a visa, or applying for citizenship, having an experienced attorney ensures that your case is handled with the attention to detail it deserves, significantly increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Having an experienced lawyer whom you can trust is vital. 

Can An Immigration Lawyer Expedite My Case?

While an immigration lawyer cannot directly influence the processing speed of USCIS or the immigration courts, they can ensure that delays are minimized by filing paperwork correctly and promptly. A Los Angeles immigration lawyer is also adept at identifying and rectifying potential issues before they become roadblocks, which is crucial in an area where time is often of the essence. Understanding the complexities of immigration law can be daunting for many. Thankfully, an attorney may guide you through expedited processes where you may be eligible. 

What Are The Risks Of Not Using A Lawyer For My Immigration Application?

Forgoing professional legal assistance can lead to various risks, including misinterpretation of laws, incorrect filing of forms, missed deadlines, and lack of representation in court proceedings, all of which can lead to denials, delays, or even removal proceedings. It’s particularly important in Los Angeles, where immigration cases can be more complex due to a high volume of applications. A skilled Los Angeles immigration lawyer can foresee and navigate these challenges, providing peace of mind that your case is on the right track.

How Can An Immigration Lawyer Help Me Obtain A Green Card Or Visa?

Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers specialize in understanding the criteria for different visas and green cards, tailoring your application to highlight the strengths of your case. They assist with gathering necessary documentation, preparing you for interviews, and representing you in front of immigration agencies. Your lawyer will be your advocate, offering personalized advice and strategies suited to your unique situation. At the Law Offices of Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to each client’s success. Let us be your partner on your journey toward a new life in the United States. 

What Should I Look For When Choosing An Immigration Lawyer?

When selecting an immigration lawyer, you should consider their experience, reputation, and the level of personal attention they offer. Look for an attorney who is responsive, communicates clearly, and demonstrates a track record of successfully handling cases similar to yours. Client testimonials and reviews can be a helpful indicator of an attorney’s reliability and expertise. It’s essential to feel confident in your lawyer’s ability to represent and guide you through the immigration process. If you’re looking for dedicated representation to navigate the complexities of immigration law, we invite you to reach out. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward realizing your American dream.

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Trying to legally be approved to remain in the United States as a non-citizen can be stressful. A Los Angeles immigration lawyer understands that after all you have been through and sacrificed to be here, you deserve a chance to start new. But you must prepare for your immigration interview so that you increase the odds of a favorable outcome. Be on time, stay truthful, dress the part, and have all your documentation ready. Your lawyer can ensure you have everything you need to walk into the interview more confidently. For more insight into immigration law and to get support right away, contact Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, APC at your next convenience. We are here for you.

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