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marriage-based green card lawyersFalling in love and then making plans to stay in the same country is a situation that a Los Angeles, CA green card lawyer has assisted numerous couples with. The joy of entering matrimony can suddenly become overwhelming when you realize that you have to deal with the immigration aspect. There will be paperwork to complete and you have to show proof that your relationship is real. We hope that if you are in need of help regarding a green card matter, you contact us at Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, APC as soon as possible.

Consular Processing

If you want to seek a green card by marrying a United States citizen or holder of a green card, you can do this in two different ways. Consular processing is a good choice if your immigrant spouse is living outside of the country. Filing a marriage-based application permits the spouse to get an interview within their own country of origin or residence, be provided an immigrant visa, and then come to the U.S. as a permanent resident by law. After being admitted into America the immigrating individual will receive their green card.

Adjustment of Status

If your spouse is already residing here in the U.S., then filing for an adjustment of status is probably best. An immigrant who was admitted to the country can send in an application to become a permanent resident while still here. But as a Los Angeles green card lawyer notes, if your immigrant spouse has come into the country illegally, violated U.S. immigration laws, or committed fraud to come here, they may need a waiver for that violation before being permitted to hold a green card status. If you have questions about how to have your spouse become an American resident lawfully, contact our law firm right away.

Marriage Evidence

Having to prove your marriage to immigration may not feel romantic, but is a necessary step if you want your spouse to remain in the country with you legally. You will be required to send in proof in good faith that your marriage is legitimate. Examples of documents to submit as evidence include marriage certificates, birth certificates, wedding announcements, joint bank accounts, apartment leases, house deeds (with names and signatures of each spouse), joint insurance policies, joint auto registration, driver’s licenses with addresses that match, and photographs of you both together throughout the relationship.

Green Card Cases

When it comes to immigration law and obtaining a green card in Los Angeles, California, several landmark cases have shaped the legal landscape. A skilled Los Angeles, CA green card lawyer must be well-versed in these pivotal cases to provide effective representation to their clients. This article examines three significant cases that have had a profound impact on immigration law and the green card process.

Gonzales v. National Center for Immigrants’ Rights (2009) marked a critical turning point in the fight for immigrants’ rights. The case revolved around the rights of detained immigrants to access legal representation. The National Center for Immigrants’ Rights filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of several immigrants who were held in detention facilities across the country, including some in Los Angeles, CA. The central argument was that denying detainees access to legal counsel violated their due process rights under the Fifth Amendment.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Gonzales v. National Center for Immigrants’ Rights was a resounding victory for immigrants. The Court held that detained immigrants had a constitutional right to be represented by an attorney during their immigration proceedings. This landmark decision ensured that immigrants facing deportation or seeking a green card in Los Angeles, CA, and beyond, could have legal assistance to navigate the complex and often daunting immigration system.

In Zadvydas v. Davis (2001), the Supreme Court addressed the indefinite detention of immigrants. The case involved Lyle Zadvydas, a lawful permanent resident who had completed his criminal sentence but was still detained by immigration authorities. The government argued that certain immigrants, including green card holders, who were subject to deportation orders could be detained indefinitely under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

However, the Court ruled in favor of Zadvydas, stating that indefinite detention without a possibility of removal was unconstitutional. The Court held that the government could not continue to detain immigrants indefinitely beyond a reasonable removal period. This decision protected the rights of green card holders in Los Angeles, CA, and throughout the country, ensuring that they could not be subject to perpetual detention without due process.

INS v. Cardoza-Fonseca (1987) significantly impacted asylum law and the standard for obtaining asylum in the United States. The case involved Rosario Cardoza-Fonseca, a Nicaraguan teacher seeking asylum in the U.S. due to fears of persecution if she were to return to Nicaragua. The Board of Immigration Appeals denied her asylum application, asserting that she needed to show a “clear probability” of persecution, a stringent standard.

Upon appeal, the Supreme Court clarified the standard, ruling that an applicant only needed to demonstrate a “well-founded fear” of persecution, a lower burden of proof. This landmark decision opened the doors for many individuals seeking asylum, including those in Los Angeles, CA. Green card lawyers have since relied on this precedent to advocate for their clients’ asylum claims, ensuring that deserving individuals can find safety and refuge in the United States.

These three landmark cases, Gonzales v. National Center for Immigrants’ Rights, Zadvydas v. Davis, and INS v. Cardoza-Fonseca, have significantly impacted immigration law, particularly in the context of obtaining green cards in Los Angeles, CA. They have provided essential rights and protections to immigrants and paved the way for more just and humane immigration policies. As such, a knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles, CA green card lawyer must be familiar with these cases to effectively represent their clients in the ever-changing landscape of immigration law.

Advice From a Lawyer

Due to the risk of being denied or encountering problems with your spouse’s green card application, it is recommended that you have a Los Angeles green card lawyer assist you. We can prepare you for your applications so that they are as strong as possible for approval. We understand that getting married is supposed to be a harmonious event, and issues with immigration can put a damper on that experience. For further guidance from our team, contact Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, APC as soon as you are ready. We hope to speak with you today.

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If you’re navigating the complex and often overwhelming process of obtaining a green card in Los Angeles, you don’t have to go it alone. The journey to permanent residency in the United States can be a challenging one, but with the expertise of a dedicated Los Angeles Green Card Lawyer from Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, it becomes a smoother and more manageable experience.

Your Path To A Green Card

The road to securing a green card, also known as lawful permanent residency, is marked by its intricacies and rigorous requirements. To successfully navigate this path, you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who understands the intricacies of U.S. immigration law. A Green Card Lawyer in Los Angeles from Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, can be your trusted guide through this journey.

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Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, has established a strong reputation in Los Angeles and beyond for providing top-tier immigration legal services. Our dedicated team of Green Card Lawyers in Los Angeles is committed to helping individuals and families achieve their dream of permanent residency. Here’s why you should choose us:

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The Benefits Of A Green Card

Securing a green card is a significant milestone in your journey to becoming a permanent resident of the United States. With a green card, you gain several benefits, including:

– The right to live and work anywhere in the U.S.

– Access to healthcare and education benefits

– Protection under U.S. laws

– Eligibility to apply for U.S. citizenship after meeting certain requirements

Your Future Starts Here

Embarking on the path to permanent residency can be both exciting and daunting. Bolour / Carl Immigration Group, APC, is here to make the process smoother and more manageable for you. Let us help you turn your dreams of permanent residency in Los Angeles into a reality.

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