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Many people with demanding jobs use domestic employees, such as nannies, to make their lives easier. However, bringing children and their non-citizen nanny along on an international trip can sometimes be difficult. Obtaining a domestic employee visa is usually the way to go, but there are strict requirements.

At Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, we know how important it is to keep children’s lives as smooth and predictable as possible. That is why our attorneys have helped many travelers in your position obtain nanny visas, whether traveling to California or other states.

What Are The Requirements?

The people who need these visas are often athletes, performers or others whose jobs require an extended, temporary stay in the United States. This special kind of B-1 visa is only available under very specific circumstances:

You must be a U.S. citizen who is not living permanently in the United States.
The nanny or domestic employee is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
An employment contract exists between you and the nanny, in which you agree to pay them at least the minimum wage of whatever states you will be in, plus expenses for room, board and travel.
The nanny cannot engage in any other paid labor while using the visa.
These visas often last for one year, but can extend as long as five years, depending on the circumstances.

Ensuring Compliance

The strictest requirements for this visa involve the employment contract. We will ensure that your contract includes all necessary elements and complies as fully as possible. While this does not guarantee that the visa will be approved, it will give you the best possible chance of success. These visas are an area of particular focus for our firm and we have a track record of approval.

Let Us Help You With Your International Trip

Extended international trips and work assignments are hard enough without having to worry about child care and other duties. Our lawyers will help you keep as much continuity as possible through a domestic employee visa. We have practiced immigration law for a long time and know how the system works.

Please contact us at our Los Angeles office to find out how we can help. You can email our legal team or call 323-857-0034.

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