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E-2 visas (Investment Visa) – Israel

E-2 visa category is available to citizens and nationals of Israel as of May 1, 2019.   All Israeli companies seeking E-visas for their owners or employees must apply at the Branch Office in Tel Aviv and establish that the trading enterprise or investment meets the...

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Public Charge Rule – New Forms

USCIS announced yesterday that, due to the implementation of the public charge final rule, beginning February 24, 2020 it will only accept new editions for many of its forms. The new edition forms include many relevant to our humanitarian based cases:  Form...

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Asylum – Landownership

BIA Rules on Establishing Particular Social Group Based on Landownership.  The BIA ruled that landowner status does not automatically render membership into a particular social group for asylum and withholding of removal, and landowners and landowners who resist drug...

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USCIS – Form I-944 – Adjustment of Status

Beginning February 24th, the Department of Homeland Security will begin to implement the new Public Charge Rule for inadmissibility.  This same date, USCIS is also requiring that the newest version of certain forms be filed.  If the latest edition is not...

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New Public Charge Rule

On February24, 2020, USCIS will impose the new Public Charge rules on most immigration applications based on inadmissibility ground under INA section 212(a)(4). A new Form I-944 must be submitted with all applications so the government may determine if an applicant is...

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According to the USCIS Policy Manuel A person is subject to revocation of naturalization if: A) A person is subject to revocation of naturalization if he or she procured naturalization illegally. Procuring naturalization illegally simply means that the person was...

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H-2B Visa Program Violations

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR INVESTIGATION FINDS TENNESSEE LANDSCAPING COMPANY VIOLATED H-2B VISA PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS ROCKVALE, TN – After an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division (WHD), Outdoors Unlimited Inc. – a landscaping...

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H-2B Visas – 35,000 Supplemental Visas

Today, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it will take necessary anti-fraud and abuse measures to protect the integrity of the H-2B visa program and also make available 35,000 supplemental H-2B temporary nonagricultural worker visas for the second half...

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H-2B Visas – Frequently Ask Questions

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced that it intends to make available 35,000 supplemental H-2B temporary non-agricultural worker visas for the second half of fiscal year (FY) 2020, and that of these 35,000 visas, 20,000 would be made...

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Marijuana and Immigration Benefits

California, like many states in the U.S., has legalized marijuana.  The use and sale of marijuana under Federal Law, however, remains illegal. Immigration is governed by Federal Law.  As such, possessing, using or selling marijuana can make a noncitizen of...

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