by Ally Bolour | Nov 5, 2020

Investor Visa For Italy is a 2-year visa for non-EU citizens who choose to invest in strategic assets for Italy’s economy and society. The Investor Visa for Italy Program has been introduced by the Italian government with the financial law back in 2017 and represents a step forward in promoting investment in Italy, as well as an important new entry within the Italian Visa System.

What type of investments are eligible for an Investor Visa for Italy?

The visa investment options include:

  • Investing €1 million in an Italian Limited Liability Company (LLC) (NOW only 500,000€)
  • Investing €1 million in an Italian philanthropic project or initiative
  • Investing € 2 million in Italian Government Bonds
  • Investing €500,000  in an Italian StartUp (NOW only 250,000€)

Can I become an Italian citizen after my investor visa for Italy?

Yes, you can become an Italian Citizen after 10 years of residency in Italy, following the Italian Citizenship by Residency program.

How long is the Investor Visa for Italy processing time?

The Investor Visa For Italy processing time depends on different factors.

The Investor Visa Commitee will evaluate your investment plan in 30 days. 

Also for the Consular phase, this is really fast, as the Investor Visa For Italy is a high-priority Visa. Timing depends on each Consulate.

How can I apply for the Investor Visa for Italy?

The Investor Visa for Italy is split in two different phases. 

The 1st phase, where you will prepare your investment plan and you will collect all investment documentation.

The second phase, regarding the application at the Italian Consulate, after the Investor Visa Commitee approved your Investor Visa For Italy documents.

According to the Investor Visa for Italy regulations, when do I have to make the investment?

The investment will be done in 3 months after the Investor Visa For Italy approval.

Can a company apply for an Investor Visa for Italy? So, can I invest through my company?

No, the investment must be carried on by a person.

In which types of companies can I invest to obtain an Investor Visa for Italy?

You can invest in any company on the regulated stock market that i salso a legal resident in Italy. 

What requirements must a company have to obtain an Investor Visa for Italy?

The company must be legally resident in Italy. It is important to pay attention to this requirement, especially with Holding Groups.

Which types of investments qualify for an Investor Visa for Italy?

Both capital increases and the purchase of shares already issued are considered as qualifying investments. Also philanthropic donations or Government Bonds or investments in an Innovative Italian StartUp can be accepted.

Do I need a lawyer for the Investor Visa for Italy application?

A Lawyer will be highly recommended for Your Investor Visa for Italy application.

Why this? In order to correctly apply for Investor Visa for Italy, each documents must be in line with EU and International Law and Regualtions, such as as FAFT, GAFI. 

Only a qualified Lawyer, like us, can assist you in the most complete and qualified way.

Is it possible to purchase shares of more than one limited company for the Investor Visa for Italy?

No, the investment must be directed to only 1 company per application.

By extension, it is also not allowed to combine different types of investment (e.g. direct part of the amount to a donation and part to an investment in shares).

How is family reunification regulated for relatives of Investor Visa for Italy permit holders?

Family reunification is allowed and regulated by the general laws on the subject, in particular by art. 29 of Legislative Decree no. 286 of 25 July 1998 (Consolidated Act on Immigration – TUI).

The categories of family members for whom reunification is allowed are listed in art. 29 of the TUI:

a. spouses not legally separated and aged over 18;

b. minor children – including those of the spouse, or those born out of wedlock – who are unmarried, provided that the other parent has given his or her consent;

c. dependent children aged over 18, if for objective reasons they are unable to provide for their essential needs due to health conditions implying total disability;

d. dependent parents, if they do not have any other children in the country of origin, or parents over 65 years of age, if the other children are unable to support them due to serious and duly documented health conditions.

Can the holder of an Investor Visa for Italy carry out self-employment and/or dependent employment activities?

Yes, Investor Visa For Italy do not provide for any legal restrictions concerning employment status.

This is valid also for Family members, as they join all Investor Visa For Italy Benefits.

During the 2-year validity period of the Investor Visa for Italy, is it possible to change the composition of the investment portfolio?

No, the investment portfolio must not be changed during the 2-year validity period of the residence permit. The investor must maintain the original investment for the entire duration of the permit, otherwise it will be revoked.

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