Our family had a great chance working with Bolour immigration group when we completely lost our hope. When my brother who stayed in US diagnosed with intensive cancer we could do nothing, unless wishing to support him during his hardship. Unfortunately my parents visa rejected because of the executive order 13769, which ban 7 countries’ include Iran from traveling to US. The process of administrative process started while my brother was alone dealing with forth stage of chemotherapy and having four surgery in future. Mr. Bolour started with waiver package for my mom. According to him she has more chance to get visa when only one of parents apply for waiver. He clearly explained the alternative solutions and let us to decide. The process was very fast, every two days we get an email explaining new activities that Bolour group done. We were very surprise that Bolour could get visa for both of my parents in less than 2 weeks. It was a miracle when my parents could be in US for my brother’s second surgery. Thanks for being that much responsible.

– Farnaz Towhidi