Best immigration lawyer will be my first words to describe Ally Bolour and his Team! Very knowledgeable and goes in great lengths to truly make your immigration case as easy and simple as possible with great care.
When I first met Ally (2 friends recommended/worked with him), I was very worried about my immigration status. He explained to me in great details that there was nothing to be worried about and took his time to analyze my case since I had all these obstacles to go through. He was very honest telling me what my chances were.

He filled my immigration papers so quickly and within 9 months we got the interview notice. As for the interview, Ally came with us to the interview and he was there before me, had ALL the documents organized and more than prepared for the officer to flip and to find what he was looking for. I was approved on the spot!! Thank you very much for the great job! A week later I had received my green card in the mail which is valid for 2 years. (I am for sure will continue working with them for my 10 years renewal process and any other future cases).
Always a great attitude (warm and friendly), makes you relax and focus on the positive while always explaining the options in front of you.

He has a dedicated crew who takes care of you from day one. Big thanks to Scot Emerick! He did a great job helping us organizing, filling and submitting the necessary documents. Ally and Scott were easy to reach by mail, they would get back to me the same day and always answering my questions.
I highly recommend Ally and his team for any immigration challenges that may arise in your future or anyone you care about, as they really do care for their clients and go the extra mile. I am so glad that I found the right immigration lawyer to handle my case.

– Dalia AL-Kaed