L Visas – Visas for Managers, Executives, Specialized knowledge employees of Multinational Corporations


The L-Visa is a nonimmigrant visa created in 1970 in order to enable companies to provisionally move foreign employees, managers and exceptionally qualified executives to their U.S. based businesses. L-1 Visas are typically only valid for a short amount of time, ranging from 3 months to 5 years depending on what country the Applicant is from.

To apply for L1 status the Applicant must have been employed abroad at the same company for one year within three years before their application. The company can be profit, nonprofit, religious, charitable organizations. Full-time employment is not mandatory; however, Applicant must devote a significant amount of their time on a regular basis to their company.

Two common types of L-Visas are the L1A and the L1B visa.

L1A Visas are used for managers and top executives, whereas L1B visas are for employees or professionals with specific knowledge or skills within their respective fields. Both L1A and L1B are considered intra-company transferee visas.

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