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Bring In Workers To Work For Your Company With The H2B Visa Program

by Ally Bolour | Mar 29, 2024

The H-2B visa program allows U.S. employers to hire foreign nationals from about 80 eligible countries to fill seasonal and other temporary positions that require little or no formal education. 

Most of the companies that hire workers under the H2B visa program are in the service industry, such as: construction, landscape, hospitality, restaurant and the like. Any Company, however, is eligible to participate (get certified to bring in workers) so long as the Company can successfully demonstrate a seasonal or peak load need. 

As such, this is a great visa program designed specifically for companies who need to supplement their permanent workforce with seasonal workers during their peak seasonal need(s). Our Los Angeles, CA work visa lawyers can help you review if the H2B visa program could work for your business.

For example, restaurants in areas with high tourist seasons who may need to hire more line cooks or waiters.  Similarly, landscape companies in states with well defined seasons.  The list goes.  

A company is able to get certified to bring in  seasonal workers if it is able to show a seasonal need or peak load need.  Once certified that Company then has the ability to bring in workers during the identified seasonal need to work for the company. 

Furthermore, a company is able to get certified without identifying workers – meaning a company can go through the certification process without knowing who they want to bring in. The number of workers, however, must be specified. 

The process for certification and then recruitment, filing with USCIS and visa processing is a detailed process with important timing deadlines throughout. We handle H-2Bs for many companies in many different industries and are very well versed in all aspects of this program. 

If your Company is having trouble finding workers in the U.S. to meet your Company’s demands then it may be a good idea to think of taking advantage of the H2B program to bring in workers to work at your Company. 

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